Saturday, September 15, 2012

Concerning the Serialization of Celestial Fictions

I have decided to serialize Girl School, a novel I have been working on for some time. To be more precise, I have decided to serialize it online, at (with redirects from (NB: is a porn site.)

Why have I made this decision? Because I would like to finish the novel, and I need some motivation. Serializing it online will allow me to see whether this novel is able to reach any kind of audience, and so whether it is worth the effort to continue. It is not because I want to exploit any interactive or multimedia aspects of digital presentation. Indeed, I would like this to be published as a book eventually.

Two sources of inspiration deserve mention here. First, Dash Shaw's amazing BodyWorld, which was originally serialized online, which found an audience, and which then was published in a beautiful print edition by Pantheon. Also the essay "Less Talk, More Rock" by Superbrothers which told me to stop thinking about this novel, and just do it. There is wonderful leeway for sloppiness and roughness in digital publication, anyway.

How will I carry out this serialization? Beginning tomorrow, I will post about one thousand words of the novel each week. The design will grow as the novel grows. It will begin as plain text, and then will slowly gain features, becoming HTML first, and then growing into various CSS touches, and maybe some day incorporating HTML5 things like animation. It will definitely have sound (I'm already working on recording credible versions of Diana's Sex Kitten Overdose songs). I will try to add one new design "feature" each week.

It all begins tomorrow...

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