Monday, January 11, 2010

Goodbye, Wordpress

Oh, I suppose thought it would be "cool" to have a my "writer's blog" on "wordpress," which sounds literary. But it's a sort of disingenuous name anyway. It pays homage to the 2,000-year history of printing presses and printed words by working to end it.

Well, it was a mistake. Wordpress is awful. The interface is bad, the layout was depressing, images were difficult to manage. Every time you placed your cursor above a link or image an obnoxious preview startled you by jumping out. I wasn't allowed to edit my CSS. I didn't feel like myself anymore.

Now I am here, and I feel much better. My name is up there in a nice colour and in Futura, instead of in black and in—oh, I don't know—Georgia or something. I can control the width. I have absolutely no toolbars anywhere. Things are light and lively and clean. Ah, I feel like posting about—Almodovar—or Wes Anderson!

At least I had a better name over there at All the good names here are taken. My alter ego,, writes about computers. is some sort of a scam. belongs to (but is not used by) a sensitive-looking fellow who is a pretty good photographer but a terrible caption-writer.

So answick it is. A. N. Swick. Adam Nathaniel Hawthorne Swick. The answick to the unanswickable question, "Who is A. N. Swick?" "Christ, I'm feeling swick!" "Pardon me, did you say 'sick' or... 'swick'?" "I have a lisp, you cur! And I happen to be very swick!" I'm one of those awful people who insist on using "an" as the indefinite article before words beginning with H, but have also started also using it before S. "It is an historic occasion. The first time that an swick has emerged autochtonously from a clump of hot dirt!" I'm a line of obnoxiously colloquial dialogue: "Cugger drappt 'is cannel ans' wick gat browke."

In any case, Blogspot, hello! And, Thank you!


Vorvy said...

When you were on Wordpress did you say that Jesus was a carpenter, or that he IS a carpenter?!

Adam Swick said...